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Chinese Checkers

The biggest mafia in the world are not the Mexican drug cartels but the communist party of China and the Shem economy created by this vile and evil regime, which boasts of being the second largest in the world, a utopian society created for enslavement and exploitation is a cancer to the humanity, more then a billion people enslaved and forced to work in the industries constructed by and for the loyalists of the regime, under inhuman conditions.

If ideology could kill, communism and its mutation Maoism are perfect killing machine, Mao was personally responsible for killing as many as 70 Million innocent Chinese, Inspired from the communist ideology of the KGB which alway believed in enslaving the minds of the people, China has done it well so far, Annexed Tibet, destroyed its own culture, killed civilians and changed its demography, and the world remained conspicuously silent emboldening the regime which has its eyes set on Taiwan the remnant of the real Chinese civilisation.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

——-Edmund Burke

China has bribed the world by flooding there markets with cheeper goods, from paper napkin to the Tesla cars, from toys to the iPhones, every thing is being manufactured in China, world has outsourced the manufacturing to China and the European and US economies are so hopelessly dependent on the Chinese manufacturing that the only thing they can do is to look elsewhere, liberal world won’t raise its voice against the diabolic deeds of the regime, for instance when the origin of the Nuclear bombs tested by two rogue nations Pakistan and North Korea were traced back to China, world chose to remain silent, and most recently when Corona virus started spreading in China since October-19, the regime chose to remain silent and allowed it to become a global pandemic, also the origin of the Virus is often linked to a Biological weapons lab in Wuhan, European Union prepared a report which was critical of China and was about to publish it, but it was forced to dilute critical observations on China.

Now when the world has lost two hundred thousand innocent lives and millions hospitalised its time to rise and realise the kind of threat this regime poses to the humanity and must fight for the freedom of more then a billion people!


What the Hell Organization!

WHO remember! was suppose to warn us when the Corona Virus was spreading across Vuhan, instead they kept toying the Chinese line and until 15th Jan the WHO was of the opinion that the Corona Virus do not spread among humans! so far world has lost about hundred and fifty thousand people, and the cost of the global lockdown is close to 9 Trillion dollars.

It is alleged that the WHO is hand in glove with China in a plot to hide the origin of the contagion, hiding vital information from the rest of the world, which could have saved thousands of lives. It is also alleged that the appointment of the WHO chief Tedros Abhanom was done at the behest of China, and he is returning the favour.

Trump for once has done the right thing by suspending the funds meant for the WHO, many US senators have asked the WHO to share the details of expenditure of the funds provided to the organisation earlier, and as usual there is no response from the WHO, with the biggest donor off board WHO will have to reinvent itself if it doesn’t with to plunge into oblivion.

Bullshit walks!!!

23000 and counting, this is the number of people USA lost to COVID 19, still the US leadership is not looking serious in stopping the carnage, President Trump still not ready to go for a complete lockdown and more so the states are not ready for it, but why aren’t we surprised? haven’t we’ve see every day hundreds of Americans getting killed in gun violence and no one dares to put the gun culture in check, guns being sold in the grocery stores can be bought by any one and not even the president would do anything about it such is the power of the NRA- National Rifle Association.

USA was always about money and never had any concern for life of his people, Trump seems more concerned about declining business of his luxury club and resort Mar-a-lago than the people dyeing of Corona.

There is an old saying in America “When Money Talks Bull shit walks”.

Many smaller and so called poorer countries have done much better then the US in saving its people, New Zealand for example has corona spread in check, India is in a lockdown and with less than 400 deaths the country of more then a billion has shown greater resolve then the most powerful country in the world.

God Interrupted!

It took nature Millions of years to create the first human being, so different from all her other creations, humans had some thing that no other species had, conscience and wisdom, ability to differentiate between right and wrong, and the gift of vision, ability to visualise and live and grow beyond there natural abilities, most importantly compassion and love.

Humans reciprocated, they built the finest cities, they cultivated and acquired medical expertise, they invented and discovered the secrets of nature, wrote books, they learned and illuminated the world, even reached the space, connected every human being in the world.

But in between we also created GOD, some 2000 years ago, those were the darkest of the times in human history slavery, disease, dismay, poverty and rampant exploitation was all over the world, and then few men came forward and declared themselves as GOD or his messengers, many followed them, the oppressed were united by these messiah and fought there oppressors, built new civilisations on the ruins of the ancient cities and cultures.

Savagery in the name of God continued unhinged, priests were often more powerful than the kings, people following different paths were called as infidels and killing them will open the doors of heaven for the perpetrators they declared. It was in there interest to keep there society in there control, by creating inequality declaring women as lesser beings and convincing the masses that the world around them is of no significance and they will live like kings in the afterlife, in haven if they follow the sacred path.

Few days back, shocking video of people beating the doctors with sticks and stones filled the News channels across India, this happened when a team of doctors visited a colony in Indore to check if some one need medical attention, a religious gathering in Delhi with 2000 attendees out of which about a thousand were COVID positive, spread across the length and width of the country, became carriers of the disease, becoming pathogens, some were delighted to know that they can spread this incurable disease to infidels, forgetting that the first casualty will be themselves and there loved once.

I never understood what drive these men, to attack the very people who intend to save the lives of their families, what madness presides their soul that drive away their conscience, and convert them into a monster. I never understood what drove people to follow Hitler or those who joined ISIS and horrified the entire world, what makes ordinary people become monsters in the name of GOD.

Social Distancing – Nightmare for labourers In India.

On 24th March Indian PM Narendra Modi on his televised national address at 8:00 PM announced a nation wide lockdown for 21 days which will end on 15th April, people started queuing up at the Grocery stores, medical stores, bakery and other shops and started frenzied buying and stocking up every thing they thought will help them survive the lockdown, this was the Indian Middle class.

For a country of 1.3 billion people where 25% of the population lives below the poverty line, lockdown was the beginning of a nightmare, many of those employed in the unorganised sector and working on daily wedges, lost there jobs immediately, land lords quick to ask them to vacate, they had no other option but to leave for there native villages mostly in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

What added to the Misery of these people was the non availability of public transport, tens of thousands flocked the bus depots in the hope of finding a commute, as the lockdown was immediate and involved every thing including public transport, these people had no other option but to walk to there villages hundreds of kilometres away with there families, women and children, old and young, for them COVID 19 is a lesser threat to there survival then the loss of livelihood is.

News channels showed the misery of many of the helpless people, families with women and children walking along the highways and railway tracks, desperately trying to reach the villages they hail from, carrying there kids on there shoulders, with no food and water.

Although Indian PM apologised for the hardship people had to face but is was far from enough.Yes after 15 days of lock down India is far better then many of the developed countries, many lives might have been saved, but for those who don’t care about anything else but an end’s meal, COVID-19 is not the only threat to there lives!