What the Hell Organization!

WHO remember! was suppose to warn us when the Corona Virus was spreading across Vuhan, instead they kept toying the Chinese line and until 15th Jan the WHO was of the opinion that the Corona Virus do not spread among humans! so far world has lost about hundred and fifty thousand people, and the cost of the global lockdown is close to 9 Trillion dollars.

It is alleged that the WHO is hand in glove with China in a plot to hide the origin of the contagion, hiding vital information from the rest of the world, which could have saved thousands of lives. It is also alleged that the appointment of the WHO chief Tedros Abhanom was done at the behest of China, and he is returning the favour.

Trump for once has done the right thing by suspending the funds meant for the WHO, many US senators have asked the WHO to share the details of expenditure of the funds provided to the organisation earlier, and as usual there is no response from the WHO, with the biggest donor off board WHO will have to reinvent itself if it doesn’t with to plunge into oblivion.


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