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The Ghosts of our creation

I never understood as to why we love tormenting ourself, always creating and then being surrounded by the ghosts created by our own sub conscious , constantly feeling guilty of a wrongdoing in our past or hounded by the unfulfilled desires, ghosts hurting us emotionally making us sick all the times, envious to the success of the others and making us scared of our own fictitious future, what good it serve, how dose it make any difference to the universe we live in.

We are consumed by constant fear, fear of loosing our loved once, belongings, livelihood, you name it, the millions of seconds lost in such abominable thoughts, even succumbing to them, planting diseases in our body, killing our intellect our personality and even our soul. We don’t realise that although initially we don’t like these ghosts, but soon they become inextricable parts of our universe, we become them.

We often believe that we are the centre of the universe, it came into existence the day we were born and will be engrossed into oblivion the day we die thus making thou most important and thus fear of death being a constant companion.

I know so many people who made their lives and the lives of their loved once so desolate that all you can feel for them is pity!, one such family of 4, they are two kids husband and wife, since the onset of the COVID 19, the kids have not set the foot out of the house, its been two months now , the lady of the house would petrify if some one in or near the house sneezes or coughs, feel sorry for the kids, only emotion they know is fear.


The Kirana LifeLine

There are about 12 million Kirana stores in India ranging from large stores in cities to tiny village shops servicing a few hundreds. A significant number of these stores sell food and groceries, along with other household supply products.,

The harsh reality is that during lockdown several hurdles were encountered by them. In states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat Kirana owners were not allowed to open there stores or procure essential items, several owners failed to source fresh fruits and vegetables as the local Mandis and agriculture produce market committee markets were shut down.

Panic buying led to faster depleting stocks, and the stores ran out of stock without replenishment, as the supply chains of FMCH companies were disrupted. This led to shortage of essential items and crowding at modern retail outlets that contribute only 8% in the overall food and groceries category. At a time when kiranas were largely relying on wholesalers and cash and carry outlets for there stock renewal, with restrictions imposed on them, neighbourhood stores were unable to replenish, source, stock and self essential items to end customers.

Today as state governments allow both brick and mortar retailers and e-commerce sellers to sell and deliver non essential items and professional services, some state governments are holding back. Needless to say, this graded easing allowing non essential item sales keeping Covid-19 mitigation guidelines intact will help Kiranas, who have so far only been allowed to sell essential items.

This intervention in necessary to open up the economy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s May-12 appeal to go vocal go local fits like a glove into the scheme of things. State governments should liaise with, and aid law and order authorities, to enable the smooth functioning of all stores so that standard operating procedures (SOPs) during these Covid -19 times are compiled.

Kiranas should be allowed to operate normally with the aforementioned checks and balances in place. The free flow of the supply chain is the need of the hour.e

An uncertain Future!

Jobless and hungry are the two words that define the situation of labourers in India, they were the first to loose there livelihood amidst lockdown, they are always the first to loose every thing when times of misfortune or tragedy strikes. Thrown out of there shanties by the owners as they can’t pay the rent anymore, and don’t have the means of earning a days meal, desperate to reach there villages hundreds of miles away, the best way they know are to follow the railway tracks, which brought them to the dazzling lights of the city, the mirage of a good life, away from famine, disease and cast divide many years ago, where they were exploited and struggled all those years to survive, working 12-15 hours a day to earn a days meal, they walk towards there villages bare foot carrying there belongings on there head, children crying incessantly from fear and pain, staring at an uncertain future.

On 9th May, a group of migrants trying to reach their villages slept on the railway tracks at night they were crushed by a goods train and 16 of them lost their lives!!!