An uncertain Future!

Jobless and hungry are the two words that define the situation of labourers in India, they were the first to loose there livelihood amidst lockdown, they are always the first to loose every thing when times of misfortune or tragedy strikes. Thrown out of there shanties by the owners as they can’t pay the rent anymore, and don’t have the means of earning a days meal, desperate to reach there villages hundreds of miles away, the best way they know are to follow the railway tracks, which brought them to the dazzling lights of the city, the mirage of a good life, away from famine, disease and cast divide many years ago, where they were exploited and struggled all those years to survive, working 12-15 hours a day to earn a days meal, they walk towards there villages bare foot carrying there belongings on there head, children crying incessantly from fear and pain, staring at an uncertain future.

On 9th May, a group of migrants trying to reach their villages slept on the railway tracks at night they were crushed by a goods train and 16 of them lost their lives!!!


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