The Ghosts of our creation

I never understood as to why we love tormenting ourself, always creating and then being surrounded by the ghosts created by our own sub conscious , constantly feeling guilty of a wrongdoing in our past or hounded by the unfulfilled desires, ghosts hurting us emotionally making us sick all the times, envious to the success of the others and making us scared of our own fictitious future, what good it serve, how dose it make any difference to the universe we live in.

We are consumed by constant fear, fear of loosing our loved once, belongings, livelihood, you name it, the millions of seconds lost in such abominable thoughts, even succumbing to them, planting diseases in our body, killing our intellect our personality and even our soul. We don’t realise that although initially we don’t like these ghosts, but soon they become inextricable parts of our universe, we become them.

We often believe that we are the centre of the universe, it came into existence the day we were born and will be engrossed into oblivion the day we die thus making thou most important and thus fear of death being a constant companion.

I know so many people who made their lives and the lives of their loved once so desolate that all you can feel for them is pity!, one such family of 4, they are two kids husband and wife, since the onset of the COVID 19, the kids have not set the foot out of the house, its been two months now , the lady of the house would petrify if some one in or near the house sneezes or coughs, feel sorry for the kids, only emotion they know is fear.


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