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The Curious case of Suicide – Murder of SSR

The suicide or alleged murder of SSR has captured the imagination of the entire country, news channels have already completed the investigation (before the police could) and pronounced the verdict that Sushant Singh Rajput is murdered and his Ex-girl friend is guilty, media is so engrossed in this alleged murder or abatement to suicide or god knows what it is, while debating on this very important issue on which the future of 1.3 Billion people depends they chose to neglect some trivial issues like the uncontrolled spread of the COVID 19, the unprecedented unemployment in the country, the incursion of China in Laddakh and the flood situation across the country.

They even declared that the Mumbai Police is hiding some one, who, they don’t know, they declared that the Police has botched up the investigation, how well every NEWS anchor was speaking with such alacrity and were an absolute expert in forensic science, that even the real forensic experts were astonished and were absolutely abashed with the utter inanity.

I used to wonder what happened to the great Indian circus, now I know they reincarnated into the Great Indian News Channels, if you want to see the absolute moral depravity and the pinnacle of absurdity, please watch Indian news channels, please forget the issues concerning the economy and even the integrity of the country, but they offer you to become an adjudicator and pass the verdict on the Murder Suicide of the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.


Make America Great Again!!!!

This was the slogan first used by Ronald Reagan in the year 1980, it was slightly different though, it was “Let’s make America Great again”.Trump modified it to “Make America Great Again” (often abbreviated as MAGA) the most resonant slogan in the history of American politics, the 45th president of the USA Donald Trump coined it in his election campaign.

The Idea of America, was far greater than the slogan by a conman, the deception he created, sowed the seeds of bigotry and divided the country in the name of Race and colour and became the President of the USA. Apart from race he also promise Jobs and prosperity to the people of America, and painted a grim picture of the economy.

He epitomised the capitalist American, the tycoon who is so smart that he will single handedly bring the glory days of America back and make the average rich and wealthy, The art of the deal, the master sales man who sold the fallacy to the people and became the president.

Americans are still paying the prise of their choice, first the Thug tried to steel the legacy of the previous presidents tried to portray that whatever was done by them was so wrong and he will fix it.

His response to the COVID pandemic was absolute evil, he allowed two hundred thousand Americans die of a pandemic which could have been easily contained, sheer incompetence more then arrogance and above all his heart is sheer cold, he never showed any remorse on the deaths of his innocent country men.

And now as the elections are around the corner all he has got to offer his voters is Bigotry, Racism, Sexism and discrimination, he wants to steel the elections once again by showing the colour of his skin and trying to sell the White supremacist ideology.

Power at all cost even if it means the destruction of the very foundation on which the nation is built, and all it takes by the clown is to invoke the race and slither the thrown again, to Make America Great Again!!!



The Might that Shines in the Sun


Once again the champions of socialism and altruism showed their colours, they leave no opportunity in doing so, always looking for ways to manipulate the electorate for petty election gains for the circus also known as the Elections.

The unsung casualty of the covid was the teacher fraternity as government of Gujarat (India) passed an order barring schools to charge (or rather ask the parents for fees, assuming all the parents are distressed and lost there lively hood) for the academic year 20-21, schools invested in conducting online education, purchased necessary hardware, software etc, were then told not to charge the fees and a lot of parents who weren’t effected financially by the COVID took undue advantage of the situation and schools in return reduced the salary of there teachers by 50%.

Sheer mockery of the real need of the future generation, the education, but of no relevance to these caricatures of socialism as they the teachers are a minuscule minority so insignificant that can be overlooked entirely, paid no heed to the fact that how will the educators survive if parents of the students won’t pay the fees!

Take my daughter’s school for example, which is one of the leading schools of Surat has 32 students in her class, only 4 parents paid the fees for the first quarter, some them are very well off and have no financial bearing due to covid what so ever

The socialists preys on corruption, and thrive by spreading it, underneath the layers of virtues is the moral corruption, that feed the monstrosity of the so called selflessness.

The school and the teachers are still teaching all the kids irrespective of weather they have paid the fees or not, checking there home works and conducting exams, using Google classrooms, the cost of internet and electricity borne by them even though there salaries slashed by 50%, yet they never resent, always smiling.

Some of the teachers are the sole bread earners of their family, and are in serious financial crisis due the act of altruism by the champions of democracy.


The Politics of Deception

I was astonished when I read a piece of news that the SBI lent Rs.1200 Cr to Patanjali shortly after writing off its loan of Rs.750Cr as bad debts, some thing never thought will happen in Modi government, wake up call for the Bhakts to realise that this government may not be very different from the previous Sarkars, I wonder what’s happening to the flamboyant crook Mr.Vijay Mallya! absolute silence from the media and government, the ghost of Vijay Mallya is resurrected right before the elections and as soon as the elections are over, Vijay Mallya goes back to the political gallows and rests in peace, is left alone in London to enjoy his life again till the next elections are announced.

The so called messiah of the poor underprivileged and Dalits, who fought the elections on the promise of Achhe Din, has so far been the biggest destroyer of there lives and livelihoods, Demonetisation was such a dastardly act of foolhardiness that costed millions of poor there jobs and destroyed millions of small businesses, and just when we thought that the economy has survived the Demon (short form of demonetisation) came the GST.

When I look at the way GST was brought and implemented in India, I really felt that the people at the helm of power really don’t know the nature and fundamental of the Indian economy, in an attempt to demolish the so called parallel economy, they hastily brought in a tax regime which was so complicated that even the businesses good at corroboration were left dismayed and bewildered learning the complexities of the GST filings and to claim the return was even more exigent.

Businesses especially the MSMES decided that scaling down will be the best way to avoid the scrutiny and also to escape the GST regime, again the poor paid the price as they lost their jobs and were left in dismay.

All this happened during the NDA 1, and when every one thought that Modi will loose the next elections to there disbelief Balakot happened and NDA 2 came with a stronger mandate with BJP winning the absolute majority.