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Defender of Personal Liberty

A democratically elected government is suppose to upheld the rights of its citizens and also to maturely handle criticism, but Once again we witnessed unabashed and blatant misuse of power in Maharashtra, it was more like watching a B grade Bollywood movie, where people in power when criticised by media, reopened a false case against the journalist who criticised the government and arrested him, what’s amusing in this case was that the top encounter specialist along with 50 armed cops were sent to arrest him, a harmless person living with his wife and kids was assaulted and forcefully taken under custody and the entire incident was covered by all the media channels and telecasted Live, it was the Chief editor of the Republic Mr.Arnab Goswami.

After spending 7 days in custody he was granted bail by the Supreme Court, which in its order stated that “the judiciary should ensure criminal law does not become a weapon for selective harassment”

Once again it was the top court which pulled the basic ethos of the Indian constitution out of the quagmire and defended the personal liberty of a citizen.

Question is : Can an ordinary man afford to challenge people in power and survive the consequences???



26/11 “Travesty of Justice”

26/11 Attack on Mumbai was designed and executed by the Pakistani intelligence agency and its Army, two Pakistani army majors, Major Pasha and Iqbal orchestrated the attacks in which 170 innocent civilians lost there lives, India refrained from using military option fearing backlash against its muslim minority, at least that’s what Ex PM Manmohan Singh told Barak Obama, however the message resonated was that you can get away easily after committing an act of horror against the civilians and innocents of India.

Now however India has started hitting the terrorists back, by doing so India has curtailed the acts of terror but the problem is far from over.

But what’s really disturbing are the news in the media that in Pakistan, people paid there respect to the terrorists killed in Mumbai…

Even after 12 years not even a single perpetrator is brought to justice.