Evolution and me…

Millions of years ago, the first human walked the planet, they lived like other animals, started hunting in packs like wolves, later they started farming, started living in villages, few centuries later, they started building cities and civilisations, created cultures and religions, discovered and invented millions of things, started flying and sailing across the oceans, started looking for life in the other parts of the universe, we evolved….

Have we?????

If we give our lives a deeper evaluation, we will realise that we aren’t that different from the animals!!

Look at the average day we spend, consider the similarities with the animals:

Like them we work to eat, try to keep a safe place for themselves and their children, day begins with the run to hunt and ends with nothing, entire life revolving around fulfilling basic needs and lusts, marred with fear of loosing life and livelihood, summery of life is a book of unfulfilled desires and a realisation of a wasted life.

For the entire course of civilisation we have reaped the fruits sowed by a select few, there ingenuity has benefitted the entire mankind, we the rest of us have only followed our natural instincts filled with fear and lust and consumed them, embellished our lives making it Comfortable or as we assume it is.

How can we get over our monotonous lives and truly evolve?

Is there a simple way of achieving the higher purpose? Then the next question would be what exactly is the higher purpose of life.

Let me give you a very simple explanation of the higher purpose of your life:

Every one has a different purpose of life and its very easy to find out,

IT’s the Thing that makes you truly satisfied, just go for it, Do it, work for it, Live with it, Live every moment of your life for it. And most important thing, don’t give a damm to what others think about you.

Trust me when you do that, every thing else in your life will be taken care of, the real purpose of our lives is to dream and live for it, give it all you’ve got just play it hard, pursue it, love and live every moment of your life.

Be ware of the dreams, trust me they are alive, if you let them die, they will rot and fill the life with dismay and disappointment, don’t let them die, love them, live them, they will guarantee you one thing:

A smile when when its time to meet the master🙂




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