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My Life My Way

I stopped trying to be everyone’s favorite flavor a long time ago.

Everyone knows what they like and my spicy isn’t always a popular preference..

And that’s okay with me.

It took me a lot of years and hurt feelings to understand that I can’t please the world..

So I stopped trying.

I spent too much time trying to impress the people that didn’t matter in ways that weren’t real..

And it was exhausting.

I was never going to fit into a label, box or fake definition of something I would never be.

This is my life and no one knows the path I’ve walked,

So I stopped trying to be all the things I was never meant to be.

My happiness, my self respect and my self love are more valuable to me than any amount of approval will ever be.

They can keep their need to approve, accept and judge who I am..what they think will never change who I am.

They don’t know me and most never will.

My people- the ones who love me- they get me and I get them.

They accept and love me unconditionally for who I am..

So everyone else can find someone else to judge, because I don’t care what the world thinks of me.

I spend my time and energy being kind, loving and respectful..

But I’m also saucy, sassy and colorful..

And that’s too much for some people.

That’s their loss.

I’ll never again try to be a people pleaser because the only opinion that matters is my own.

I’ll keep being the best person I can be, with character and dignity, and that’s all I can do.

Keep working to improve me.

The world has plenty of fake people following the crowd pretending to be something they will never be for reasons that don’t matter.

They can keep that nonsense.

Maybe I’m flawed, maybe I’m a mess at times.

But at least I’ll always be true to who I am and real to the people I meet.

My heart is gold, not gold plated and my soul is deep, not shallow.

My life, my way..

Beautiful in all the ways that matter to me.



The Secret Of Desires

Never make your desires sacred or god Like, you will never achieve them . Be clam keep them in your mind do the right things, your desires will follow you.

Yes whether you believe it or not its true for your desires, be it love ,friends your dream job ,spiritual guru or god, the more you run after them more they drift away.

Our problems whether related to fear , success ,etc has a reason and its written in Bhagvan Gita ” You have control only on your efforts and not on the outcome of that effort, work without any expectations, as you have no right on the outcome or the result of your work, its my domain and I decide”

do your duty without thinking about the result or outcome of your efforts.

When I heard it for the first time, I couldn’t understand what it means, now a days life is getting tougher, everything seems to be going upside down, we are so unable to understand what should we do and how to achieve our ambitions and our goals.

There was a Rickshaw driver in my city Surat who would work for the entire day , driving people from one place to another on his rickshaw, but at end of the day he would barely make enough money to survive another day, he is so tired that he wouldn’t dream at all, only to start another day, and the life goes on.

May be its our Karma or destiny, may be not, he (the rickshaw driver) hasn’t made any money even after working so hard for 10 years! may be he is running in the wrong direction, he has the ability to understand that, its the awareness that matters, time is the only constant, it flows constantly, do we realise it never comes back, all we do is wonder as how quickly it passed, to succeed in the journey called life we must be aware of the constant flow of the time. We should keep asking our selves ” Where am I” and we should tell our conscience”I am right here in this very moment”. Live every moment of your life with full awareness.

To fulfil your desires one must work on three levels:

  1. Think: The most important step is to think about the ways with which you could achieve your desires, its cost and outcome.
  2. Speak: Speak and discuss about it with people who have the knowledge on the subject.
  3. Effort: Put maximum effort to achieve it.

Always believe that your desires are real and alive and you are there rightful master, you and you alone can achieve it, and when you do that you don’t create history you become history,

The effort is worth living for, only and only the effort is rightfully yours, not the outcome, as the outcome is Shri Krishna’s domain, and he is always with you.