Imperfections & U

Life is always on an incline, it will ether go up or come down my second philosophy about life is that hundred things happen in your life good or bed out of hundred, ninety are of your making, if they are good enjoy them and if they are bad they are your creation learn from them.

It’s story of a woman who with time realises that real happinesses doesn’t lai in success ,money or fame ,it lies in gratitude.

Life is all about trial and error, an attempt leads to a result and then you realise that its ok to be scared, its ok to cry, every thing is ok but giving up should not be an option, that one should always say that quitting is not an option, failure can be an outcome because when you fail you learn and get up and than you fail again and again you get up and keep going that’s what make us the humans strong, failure is an option should be a option but giving up isn’t. We say these things are mine, we seek perfection, we want everything’s should be perfect ,perfect life, career, relationship, but in the real world nothing is perfect, in the world we live is perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly all right, you should understand that you have been sent here not to become a perfect person but to be a contained person, a happy person .People can tell you how to look perfect, even though they are fighting there inner fears, there inner acknowledgement of there sheer imperfection, only the perfect eyes can see that you might not look perfect but your soul is perfect.

You don’t have to change your self for others listen to your heart you don’t have to look good to other people, you don’t have to be perfect if your soul is perfect.

Accept yourself the way you are, be kind to yourself, failures should only makes you stronger so never give up, success is your right. Real happiness don’t lie in money .Real happiness lies in gratitude so be grateful to be alive and live every moment of it.







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