knowing Fear

It’s amusing that any thing which can be attributed to love can also be attributed or interpreted as fear. A child clinging to his/her mother can be understood in both ways – the child clings out of love, or out of fear, its the most primal emotion which basically is an impression of the past reflecting the future of the present, when people deny fear they become egocentric; when they recognise and accept it they go beyond it they become free from it.

Total lack of fear is possible only in utter chaos or in utmost orderliness, neither a saint nor a lunatic has fear, but fear is felt by people who are in between. Fear has its importance in sustenance of  the world, it is essential to preserve the order in the world, it is a primal instinct.

Fear of death preserve Life

Fear of wrong maintain right

Fear of sickness encourages hygiene


Do not try to eliminate fear, a pinch of it is required to keep you on the right path

Whenever a boundary is broken, it creates fear which creates aversion, this aversion brings you back inside the boundary and to keep your self in the boundary you set p defences, but when you try to defend your position it becomes stress and every time you try to defend your position it makes you weaker.

For example : waking up early in the morning for workout is for many breaking a boundary,  now the inertia of fear comes into play, it convinces you that waking up early in the morning for exercise causes more harm then good, as you work life demands you to remain awake late in the night and proper sleep is necessary for good health, hence you fall back within your boundaries and this time you would create better defences with the help of knowledge.

Let the happening be for the past, let the doing be for the present and the future is a mix of both.



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