Wounds of Life

Do you feel like telling your emotional story to the whole world, choose carefully who you want to share with.

Sharing our emotions makes our heart feel light. When the emotions are shared with the right person, it can help us to heal but if we open our heart in front of everyone, it can leave us even more hurt.

When we are going through a broken phase in life, at times we feel like sharing our story with everyone. Most of the people want to know your story because it makes them feel better about their own life. They like to feel pity on you rather than feeling empathetic. Only very few of your loved ones really understand your pain and truly want you to heal.

Most of those who want to see you suffer are in disguise of your friends and relatives, keep reminding your self to smile in front of them, if you can’t fake it!

It’s not easy to find out who really your loved once are, to find them you have to trust your heart, let your heart decide on who it really connects with, trust me it works.

If you are wounded, keep it to yourself and open up only to those who really care. Showing your wound to everyone will only delay its healing.


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