Forgive Your Self

Are you finding it hard to forgive yourself ? Remember if you ever knew how things will unfold, you might not have made that move.

If you are in that phase where you are looking for reasons to forgive yourself, probably you have realised that you were wrong and the first step for self forgiveness begins with realisation and acceptance of one’s mistake. Mistakes can happen from anyone but some mistake can change our lives. Some mistakes are so big that the loss is not repairable. These are the times when we find it the hardest to forgive ourselves.

Whether it is a loss of a relationship or a person, some of our mistakes sit deep in our heart. We blame ourselves for that mistake and every time we feel the emptiness, we get reminded of our mistakes. So the self blame never stops and this cycle goes on causing huge loss of self esteem and self confidence.

To overcome this self blame, one must remember that as humans, even with the greatest caution, at times things do go wrong. At times, even with the best intention, things might go against our wishes. This is no one’s fault.

Try to leave things at the hands of your life because no matter how much you control, not always things happen the way you want. Accept, learn, forgive and focus your mind on the life ahead. Don’t give up your life to regrets, life has to go on.


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