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Make America Great Again!!!!

This was the slogan first used by Ronald Reagan in the year 1980, it was slightly different though, it was “Let’s make America Great again”.Trump modified it to “Make America Great Again” (often abbreviated as MAGA) the most resonant slogan in the history of American politics, the 45th president of the USA Donald Trump coined it in his election campaign.

The Idea of America, was far greater than the slogan by a conman, the deception he created, sowed the seeds of bigotry and divided the country in the name of Race and colour and became the President of the USA. Apart from race he also promise Jobs and prosperity to the people of America, and painted a grim picture of the economy.

He epitomised the capitalist American, the tycoon who is so smart that he will single handedly bring the glory days of America back and make the average rich and wealthy, The art of the deal, the master sales man who sold the fallacy to the people and became the president.

Americans are still paying the prise of their choice, first the Thug tried to steel the legacy of the previous presidents tried to portray that whatever was done by them was so wrong and he will fix it.

His response to the COVID pandemic was absolute evil, he allowed two hundred thousand Americans die of a pandemic which could have been easily contained, sheer incompetence more then arrogance and above all his heart is sheer cold, he never showed any remorse on the deaths of his innocent country men.

And now as the elections are around the corner all he has got to offer his voters is Bigotry, Racism, Sexism and discrimination, he wants to steel the elections once again by showing the colour of his skin and trying to sell the White supremacist ideology.

Power at all cost even if it means the destruction of the very foundation on which the nation is built, and all it takes by the clown is to invoke the race and slither the thrown again, to Make America Great Again!!!