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Subconscious Influence

The art of influence entails handling emotions effectively in other people. Star performers are artful in sending emotional signals, which make them powerful communicators, able to sway an audience — in short, leaders.

We influence each others moods or emotional state for batter or worse is perfectly normal; we do it constantly, catching emotions from one another like some kind of social virus. This emotional exchange constitutes an invisible interpersonal economy, part of every human interaction , but it is usually too subtle to notice.

Even so , the transmission of mood is remarkably powerful. When three strangers, all volunteers for a study of mood sat quietly in a circle for two minutes, the most emotionally expressive person transmitted his or her mood to the two others over the course of two minutes. In every such session the mood the most expressive person had going in was also the mood the other two felt coming out , whether happy, bored anxious or angry.

From the various studies, it has been established that emotions of the people effect the state of  any organisation or the economy of the country  In not so subtle ways. We all make each other feel a bit better or a lot more worse as part of any contact we have , every encounter can be weighted along a scale from emotionally toxic to nourishing.

Like wise the outcome of how people think shapes the future of society and the country!