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The Curious case of Suicide – Murder of SSR

The suicide or alleged murder of SSR has captured the imagination of the entire country, news channels have already completed the investigation (before the police could) and pronounced the verdict that Sushant Singh Rajput is murdered and his Ex-girl friend is guilty, media is so engrossed in this alleged murder or abatement to suicide or god knows what it is, while debating on this very important issue on which the future of 1.3 Billion people depends they chose to neglect some trivial issues like the uncontrolled spread of the COVID 19, the unprecedented unemployment in the country, the incursion of China in Laddakh and the flood situation across the country.

They even declared that the Mumbai Police is hiding some one, who, they don’t know, they declared that the Police has botched up the investigation, how well every NEWS anchor was speaking with such alacrity and were an absolute expert in forensic science, that even the real forensic experts were astonished and were absolutely abashed with the utter inanity.

I used to wonder what happened to the great Indian circus, now I know they reincarnated into the Great Indian News Channels, if you want to see the absolute moral depravity and the pinnacle of absurdity, please watch Indian news channels, please forget the issues concerning the economy and even the integrity of the country, but they offer you to become an adjudicator and pass the verdict on the Murder Suicide of the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.