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Let It Go

Forgiveness is the beginning of healing. When we forgive, it doesn’t lessen our pain but it does help us to heal.

There are people who apologise for their mistakes and there are those who would  never admit it. When someone apologises, we have a feeling that they are regretful. Many times we choose to forgive, because we know what has been done cannot be undone. There are times when we forgive them even if they haven’t apologised. This happens when we reach a certain level of understanding of life. We realise that life is the greatest teacher and everyone learns a lesson in their own way.

Forgive others because you do not want to live in that pain every moment. It might seem hard but when you experience the healing that comes with it, you will never choose to hold on to any grudge and be in pain.


26/11 “Travesty of Justice”

26/11 Attack on Mumbai was designed and executed by the Pakistani intelligence agency and its Army, two Pakistani army majors, Major Pasha and Iqbal orchestrated the attacks in which 170 innocent civilians lost there lives, India refrained from using military option fearing backlash against its muslim minority, at least that’s what Ex PM Manmohan Singh told Barak Obama, however the message resonated was that you can get away easily after committing an act of horror against the civilians and innocents of India.

Now however India has started hitting the terrorists back, by doing so India has curtailed the acts of terror but the problem is far from over.

But what’s really disturbing are the news in the media that in Pakistan, people paid there respect to the terrorists killed in Mumbai…

Even after 12 years not even a single perpetrator is brought to justice.

An old Thug, A conman and the POTUS

The POTUS is a broke man, he is probably the worst nightmare of the policy makers in the US, they are coming to terms to the fact that the systems built and the powers bestowed to the POTUS are just enormous and now they know what happens if a morally debouched man like Trump comes to the throne, it costs lives and decades of hard work, diplomatic web shattered and alliances put to test.

World is quickly moving on and the leadership vacuums made by US will not last long, EU for instance is now realising its strength and they know they can’t depend on US anymore against the Russia, the unpredictable USA will need decades to clean the mess created by Trump that too if he doesn’t win another term in the office, because if he dose, he will make USA irrelevant again.

A debt of 450million dollars, just imagine how desperate he would be, in the debate with Joe Biden, he reached out to the white supremacist groups in front of the whole world, and world watched in dismay the unabashed embrace of one of the most evil and barbaric ideology “Racism”.

But if you look deeper, you will understand this is a dire effort from a desperate man who is sunk deep in debt, responsible for the deaths of 2 hundred thousand Americans and desperate for support to stage a comeback, even if it comes from the most deplorable low lives of the planet.

I feel strange when I see educated and affluent people in support of Trump, he can easily put Indian politicians to shame, with what he says and what he tweets, its funny to see so much power in the hands of one man and he has shamelessly distributed it to his family and his incompetent loyalists.



Economics of Convenience

Economic reforms a term once considered a game changer for the country is now reduced to a rhetoric, used by all the political parties for there advantage, to win the educated middle-class electorate and then to disown it, during the tenure of the Non Gandhi congress prime minister P.V Narasimha Rao, India transformed it self by breaking the bondages of the license Raj, led by the legendary finance minister Manmohan Singh, India opened its doors to the world.

With the demographic advantage, a large English speaking intelligent population, India started evolving as the software and BPO HUB for the world, but the real differentiator was the youth of the country, ambitious and sharp, they quickly covered the technological gap of decades in a couple of years and started leading in the software space.

But this remained an isolated bright spot in the otherwise measurable economic track record of the country, the political class of the country which never had any ambition to really transform the country, to utilise its wast natural and human resources, they seriously lack strategic thinking.

In India economic policies are made to appease the electorate, the legendary election slogan given by the candidate Modi which was “Achhe Din Ayenge” or great time to come, is a spectacular example of the hypocrisy as the economy is in a tailspin since Modi became the PM.

I recently read an article in Bloomberg titled “Pakora or Toyota” which clearly depicts the psych of the Indian policy makers, the cars are taxed @ 50%, equivalent to tobacco and alcohol, in the last one week Toyota announced halt in Indian investment and Harley Davidson decided to wind up.

Why dose the policy makers make such illogical policies in the first place? well the answer lies in the Voting pattern, about 40% of the total electorate always give the elections a miss, the rest 60% are the poorest of the poor, illetrate and some section of the middle class populations, 90% of the voters decide there votes on the basis of Cast, religion and freebies they will get if they vote for a particular party.

If you follow the election manifesto of the political parties, none would give structural reforms (again a cliche’) any space in it, they will throw a buffet of freebies, including Free 2 Wheelers, Free Laptops, One of the national parties announced that if they won the elections, they will give every unemployed men and women Rs.7000 (10$) a month, now preposterous as it was, thankfully voters were matured enough to call the bluff and the economy was saved.

One thing that I know for sure is the fact that Indians are very enterprising and the 2.5 trillion economy was built not because of the leaders but despite them. The current state of politics which takes from the competent, hard working and aspirational gives to the incompetent and callous, is not sustainable.

But aren’t the aspirational middle class also equally guilty for the currant state of the politics as they just don’t vote and leave there future in the hands of the goons (As many as 50% of legislatures or the member of parliament have serious criminal cases pending against them).

We often call politics a gutter or a Sewage, but even a garden of Roses, if neglected will turn into a barren and futile piece of land, just imagine what’s at stake if we choose to ignore our country and keep handing it over to the criminals and corrupt.