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True meaning of losing is when you are unable to retrieve what you have lost. Lost time and people who have gone forever are the biggest losses in life. 

If you ever come across situations when you lose every bit of what you have built, you lose everything that you have accumulated and you are left with nothing, remember, things can be built, wealth can be gained but  lost moment and lost lives cannot. You can never reverse time to enjoy those moments that are lost nor you can bring back those people you are holding a grudge against. These loses are irreparable. Spend beautiful moments with those you love leaving aside your ego and arrogance. Disagreements may happen but choose to move on without the feeling of resentment.

Always try your best you make the best use of your time so you can spend best moments with those you love. Only the time you spend creating beautiful memories is worthwhile, time lost in grudges is only a waste.