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Communist Party of China –Celebrating 100 years of oppression ….

There are stark similarities between the Nazis and the Communist party of China, 1) They enslaved there own people, 2) They have (Nazis still exist, AKA White supremacists)  serious superiority complex, 3) They both were cowards.

China is a villainous bully, the only way to face them is by standing up against them, If a country shows slightest sign of weakness, it will surely loos its territory and its people will be butchered.

If a country really want to learn how to confront China, they must learn it from India, the only country in the world which opposed the pet project of “XI” Belt and road project and the way Indians confronted the Chinese on the Himalayas.

World must realise that is bully is actually the weakest one, he will seek vulnerable opponents to oppress, and will backoff if the opponent retaliates.

World must stop this evil ideology and must unite to overturn the vile government of China, must support the democracy to liberate more than a billion human beings.

This can only happen if the people around the world start discarding Chinese Goods, please remember that if you are purchasing any thing that’s made is China, you are supporting slavery and feeding the monster who will eventually come after you.


Undoing Lincoln

America is a great nation, a nation built by the free, immigrants from all parts and ethnicities of the world, came together with diverse cultures and Gods, challenged the set orthodox norms of the medieval era, created a marvel of humanity, where a person is worth what he could become and achieve in a free and fair climate, where every and any one can challenge the mightiest, and no one is above the constitution, which guarantee absolute freedom and equality.

Lincoln was probably the most unique Leader world has ever seen, he was white, a men of so called superior race, fought for the freedom of the Blacks, raised arms for them fought for equality and eventually paid the ultimate prise for his dream of building a country free for all.

True disciples of Lord Krishna, working on there Karma and the believing in the inner strengths of the people, a country built on the blood and sweat of the men and women, unlike my country the birthplace of lord Krishna, which ironically still embraces the medieval monstrosity of casteism and religious hegemony, mixed with socialism, bigotry still used to pull the crowds and Win elections, people more interested in freebies, people instead of focussing on innovation, focus more on how to manipulate and extract the most for themselves and there families.

And then came Donald Trump and his tirade against the ethos of his own country,

I have followed Trump since the Republican primaries in 2015, he was the most flawed politician I had ever seen on a podium like this, his message was clear, he was not Barak Obama, he was anti immigration, racist, fearless(shameless), corrupt to the core, promised his supporters that he will save America from being overrun by illegal immigrants, openly supported the white supremacists “Stand back and Stand by” is what he said to the Proud Boys.

Lincoln ironically also was a republican must be twisting and turning in his grave when he saw a mob of bums attacking and ransacking the Capitol instigated by none other then the president of America him self, I was also dismayed to see Senators defending Trump and even after ransacking of the capital.

The senators along with Trump screamed on top of there voice that the elections which made them the senator and Trump president, were rigged, there conduct would shame even the most corrupt Indian politicians, under there watch there temple of democracy was defaced but they were so unabashedly adamant that they couldn’t see that they have reduced there country to a laughing stock in front of the whole world.

It also shows the fragility of the US democracy, it exposes the flaws of its democratic system, which is the extraordinary powers entrusted to the President, they must dilute the powers of the White House to ensure that the Capital Hill event is never repeated in future.



Make America Great Again!!!!

This was the slogan first used by Ronald Reagan in the year 1980, it was slightly different though, it was “Let’s make America Great again”.Trump modified it to “Make America Great Again” (often abbreviated as MAGA) the most resonant slogan in the history of American politics, the 45th president of the USA Donald Trump coined it in his election campaign.

The Idea of America, was far greater than the slogan by a conman, the deception he created, sowed the seeds of bigotry and divided the country in the name of Race and colour and became the President of the USA. Apart from race he also promise Jobs and prosperity to the people of America, and painted a grim picture of the economy.

He epitomised the capitalist American, the tycoon who is so smart that he will single handedly bring the glory days of America back and make the average rich and wealthy, The art of the deal, the master sales man who sold the fallacy to the people and became the president.

Americans are still paying the prise of their choice, first the Thug tried to steel the legacy of the previous presidents tried to portray that whatever was done by them was so wrong and he will fix it.

His response to the COVID pandemic was absolute evil, he allowed two hundred thousand Americans die of a pandemic which could have been easily contained, sheer incompetence more then arrogance and above all his heart is sheer cold, he never showed any remorse on the deaths of his innocent country men.

And now as the elections are around the corner all he has got to offer his voters is Bigotry, Racism, Sexism and discrimination, he wants to steel the elections once again by showing the colour of his skin and trying to sell the White supremacist ideology.

Power at all cost even if it means the destruction of the very foundation on which the nation is built, and all it takes by the clown is to invoke the race and slither the thrown again, to Make America Great Again!!!