Rise of the Abomination In Indian Cinema

There was a Time when the larger audiences would throw the movies like Pushpa right where they belong, in a big stinking garbage box, but there seems to be an abyss, a chasm in the intellect of the audience and among the general society, there choices are reflecting that some thing has gone really haywire, we are turning rapidly into a society that embraces mindless violence as a cultural reality and rejects the quality and creativity for which the Indian film industry was known once.

I watched a brilliant movie today Shabash Mithu, the biopic on the ace cricketer Mithali Raj, the movie was bang on target on all the parameters, acting, screenplay, writing, every thing was spot on, yet the movie made one of the poorest openings ever and it will soon be removed from the theatres. This isn’t the only only good movie that got the drubbing in recent times, be it Jersey, Runway 34, all good movies all flopped.

The common aspect among all the resent hits is savage violence sold like a hot cake across the length and width of the country, this is concerning, acceptance of such shameless violence which was contemptible few months back, is now celebrated by the likes of Virat Kohli.

Whats happening on the silver screen is a symptom, the embrace of violence by any society is like the beginning of a cancer which inadvertently annihilate it self. We are drifting away from the ethos of compassion and cohesiveness and we are loosing the very core of existence.

Success of movies like Pushpa, KGF, Vikram etc and the drubbing of good family meaningful movies like Mithu are like the first appearance of ugly mole on a flawless body


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