Bullshit walks!!!

23000 and counting, this is the number of people USA lost to COVID 19, still the US leadership is not looking serious in stopping the carnage, President Trump still not ready to go for a complete lockdown and more so the states are not ready for it, but why aren’t we surprised? haven’t we’ve see every day hundreds of Americans getting killed in gun violence and no one dares to put the gun culture in check, guns being sold in the grocery stores can be bought by any one and not even the president would do anything about it such is the power of the NRA- National Rifle Association.

USA was always about money and never had any concern for life of his people, Trump seems more concerned about declining business of his luxury club and resort Mar-a-lago than the people dyeing of Corona.

There is an old saying in America “When Money Talks Bull shit walks”.

Many smaller and so called poorer countries have done much better then the US in saving its people, New Zealand for example has corona spread in check, India is in a lockdown and with less than 400 deaths the country of more then a billion has shown greater resolve then the most powerful country in the world.


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